Dynamic Modeling and Control of a Robotic Finger with Compliant Fingertip

O.M. Anubi, Y. Moon, A. Koka, and C.D. Crane III (USA)


Compliant Mechanism, Robotic Hand, Grasping, Hybrid POSE and Contact Force Control and Adaptive Control


This paper presents the study of the dynamics and control design of a robotic finger with a compliant fingertip. The finger is modeled as an n-link serial chain whose last link is composed of both rigid and compliant parts. The compliant part (fingertip) is a rigid spring 1. The dynamics of the rigid spring is modeled as a spring mass system with the mass of the spring lumped at its center of mass and a desired compression of the spring during contact is achieved by referring the spring dynamics to the joint space thereby using the joint torques to drive it. The main idea is to achieve tracking of position and orientation while keeping the contact force within given bounds. A hyperbolic tangent approximation of the Heaviside function is used to switch mode between pure position and a hybrid force/position control. The control system is simulated for a 4-DOF serial chain.

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