Health Recommendation System based on Cellular Network in a Secure Way

D.Z. Rodríguez, R.L. Rosa, and J. Souza (Brazil)


Cellular phones, sensor equipments, health applications cations, communication systems, location services.


The healthcare provision in most places is facing many problems, and at the same time people are becoming more interested in mechanisms that help them to control their health in an easy way. In this paper is presented a personal health system that empower people and organizations to better manage their health and wellness, helping the medical tasks using both sensor devices (home equipments to measure different vital signals) and mobile devices to send all the information received to the remote servers. The information received for the mobile devices is sent to a database system that resides in a remote server, which they are accessed through a digital certificate, in this way the users can update his/her profile. This solution is based on cellular network architecture and also considers additional features as: geographical location and alarm messages in order to improve the communication between users and the health applications; also it is considered different permission levels to access different types of informa tion of a specific user profile. Other important functionality of the solution is that it can be used as a personalized recommendation system on health subjects.

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