A Wireless Monitoring System for Health Care Applications

E. Pinheiro and O. Postolache (Portugal)


Patient monitoring, bioimpedance, Bluetooth, heart-rate, temperature.


The research presented in this paper describes the development of a multichannel mobile system for real time healthcare monitoring. A Laptop PC as a base unit communicates using the Bluetooth protocol with a patient-dedicated multi-channel physiological quantity measurement unit based on microcontroller. Thus the system allows the monitoring of the information gathered by the microcontroller from the measurement channels associated with the body temperature, electrocardiogram through biopotentials and respiration through bioimpedance. Real-time analysis of the cardiac and respiratory cycles is performed by the microcontroller that generates alarm signals in case of occurrence of arrhythmias or other anomalous physiological behaviour. Advanced processing software is implemented on the PC level, allowing the evaluation of the heart rate variability. Other tasks performed by the PC software are data communication and data publishing. Thus a health care server assures the publishing of reports in HTML format, at a user-defined rate, providing access to the patient’s status without physical constrains. The experimental results underlines the system as a good solution for real time patient healthcare monitoring applications considering the different tests taken with real and simulated human biological signals.

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