Efficient GPU-Accelerated Elastic Image Registration

D. Ruijters, B.M. ter Haar-Romeny (The Netherlands), and P. Suetens (Belgium)


Medical Image Processing, Elastic Registration, GPU Ac celeration


Elastic intra-patient registration can be used to correct for local motion within biomedical images. The application of elastic registration during interventional treatment is seri ously hampered by its considerable computation time. The Graphics Processing Units (GPU) can be used to accelerate the calculation of such elastic registrations, without chang ing the basic registration algorithm. This article discusses how elastic image registration, using cubic B-spline based deformation fields, efficiently can be approached to make use of the vast processing power of the GPU. Our approach employs an efficient GPU-based cubic B-spline deforma tion field, and also calculates the similarity measure and its derivative on the GPU.

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