Fatigue Analysis of Spinal Fixation System by Finite Element Method

S.M. Kim, I.C. Yang, S.Y. Cho, and B.C. Choi (Korea)


Spinal Fixation System, Compression bending test, Fatigue, Finite Element Method, Available Life


Radicular or nerve root injuries account for a large part of the injuries that are caused by everyday accidents. As Korea moves toward becoming an aging society, we often see degenerative changes in the senior population manifested in lower back and/or spinal problems. Therefore, Spondylodesis is frequently used to heal these changes. Internal spinal fixation systems are essential for the process of Spondylodesis. This study approached the physiological dynamics of spinal fixation systems by using an experimental and computer simulation based on finite element method. The purpose of this study was to derive reliable results by interpreting design variables and fatigue in order to save time and effort in developing a new effective model.

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