Can Diffusion Tensor Imaging Detect the Degree of Neuronal Cell Membrane Damage in Stroke Patients?: A Simulation Study

K. Sakai, K. Yamada, H. Oouchi, and T. Nishimura (Japan)


Magnetic Resonance Image, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, brain infarction, stroke, simulation


Our goal of this study is to consider a capability of diffusion discriminants (FA, ADC) as a state changing discriminator on hyper acute- and acute-brain infarction. In this paper, as an initial consideration, we will construct a numerical diffusion model of a normal human brain white matter and we will examine correlations between the structures of white matter and the conditions of water molecule diffusion. We also compared with the results of patient study around the crus posterius capsulae internae, retrospectively. From the results, decreasing of ADC value and slightly increasing FA values were corresponded to swelling area evolution simulation in hyper acute- and acute-brain infarction stage.

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