Osteoporosis Diagnostic through 3D μ-CT and SR-μXRF

I. Lima, M.L.F. de Farias, D. Rosenthal, M.J. Anjos, and R.T. Lopes (Brazil)


Bone, x-ray, synchrotron, osteoporosis, trace elements.


Bone microarchitecture and its mechanical properties have been considered as an important determinant of several diseases such as osteoporosis. This disease is characterized by the weakness of the bones, which compromises all structure. The microstructure evaluation of biological specimens can be accomplished with X-rays. The 3DX-ray microcomputed tomography (3DµCT) and the X-ray microfluorescence by synchrotron radiation (SRµXRF) are imaging techniques in microns order of space resolution (~10µm). Those techniques can be decisive to understand the bone structures in order to improve the knowledge about the bone quality. The 3DµCT and SRµXRF results reveal an increase of the porous diameter on osteoporotic bones, representing high bone porosity with a decrease in trabecular dimensions.

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