White LED for Multifunctional Digital Microfluidic System to Evaluate the Antioxidant Activity on Green Tea

M.-Y. Lin, H.-C. Hu, C.-S. Yu, Y.-C. Hu, H.-S. Huang, and C.-Y. Wu (Taiwan)


White LED, electrowetting-on-dielectric layer (EWOD), antioxidant activity, polyphenols, green tea, microfluidic chip


A multifunctional bioanalytical microsystem using a single white light emitting diode (LED) as light source and a digital microfluidic chip is proposed for real-time evaluation of antioxidant activity and quantitative measurement of polyphenols in green tea. The compact system is consisting of a monolithic droplet microfluidic chip based on the electrowetting-on-dielectric layer (EWOD) technique which manipulates the biological droplets by electrostatic force. The analytical results obtained were in good agreement with those obtained in the conventional spectrometer. The sensor response was linear in the range of antioxidant activity from 10 µg /ml to 90 µg/ml with R2 0.9812, and the sensor response of the total phenol content was linear in the range of total phenols from 0.5 µg /ml to 3 µg /ml with R2 0.9717.

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