Time-Varying Biomedical Signals Analysis with Multiclass Support Vector Machines

E.D. Übeyli (Turkey)


Multiclass support vector machine (SVM), Wavelet coefficients, Time-varying biomedical signals


In this paper, the multiclass support vector machine (SVM) with the error correcting output codes (ECOC) was presented for the multiclass time-varying biomedical signals (electrocardiogram signals) classification problems. Decision making was performed in two stages: feature extraction by computing the wavelet coefficients and classification using the classifier trained on the extracted features. The purpose was to determine an optimum classification scheme for this problem and also to infer clues about the extracted features. The research demonstrated that the wavelet coefficients are the features which well represent the studied time-varying biomedical signals and the multiclass SVMs trained on these features achieved high classification accuracies.

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