Regressional Inhibitive Crosstalk Models

Z.R. Yang and N. Young (UK)


Multivariate models, Crosstalk, Systems biology


Scientists have often observed unexpected communication between signalling pathways or molecules in the cell since 1960s. As this activity can hardly be well explained using biology theory, it has been termed as crosstalk, unwanted conversation. Recently, crosstalk has been found as a critical component of biological system robustness. More and more biologists have been working towards the understanding of the underlying mechanism of crosstalk for various signalling pathways or networks. Many qualitative models have been developed for indirect analysis of crosstalk. However, few quantitative models have been developed for such investigations. This study has employed regression approaches for modeling crosstalk between different signalling components and the end signalling components of the MAPK kinases ERK, MEK and JNK based on the published experimental data. The simulation shows that the models can well explain the crosstalk consistent with biology

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