Mathematical Morphology Approach for Enhancement Digital Mammography Images

J.M. Ali and A.E. Hassanien (Kuwait)


Morphological image analysis, digital mammograms,mathematical morphology, mammogram enhancement,Top-Hat algorithm, Equalization algorithm,segmentations.


Mammography is a branch of radiology which could benefit greatly from the assimilation of digital imaging technologies. Computerized enhancement techniques could be used to ensure optimum presentation of all digital clinical images. In this research, two enhancement algorithms are proposed that are based on the mathematical morphology theory. The first proposed algorithm deals with the contrast of the original image to enhance the segmentation process. The second algorithm is based on Top-Hat algorithm that deals with images after the segmentation process. The second algorithm enhances the edges of the segmented region of interest. A comparison between the suggested algorithms and the well-known histogram equalization algorithm has been made where the suggested algorithms showed better results.

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