Real-time Extraction of Visual Evoked Potentials using Fourth-order Cumulant

A.R. Sharafat, H. Daneshvar, and S.M. Firoozabadi (Iran)


Signal Processing, Visual Evoked Potentials, HigherOrder-Statistics, Fourth-Order Cumulant, ColoredGaussian Noise.


In order to detect and extract Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP), we use the fourth order cumulant of the observed noisy signal in an adaptive filter. The noisy signal is passed through a Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter whose impulse response is estimated using the fourth order cumulant of the input signal. We also use a method to recursively utilize fourth-order statistics of the input signal for updating the coefficients of the adaptive FIR filter. This enables us to extract the VEP signal in real time. We show that the fourth order cumulant based method provides better results in comparison to the third order cumulant based method and both yield better results as compared to the widely used autocorrelation function.

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