Computational Analysis of Developmental Genetics Processes in SRY Gene Mutations

M.A. Góngora (UK), M.C. Rodas, and C. Soto (Columbia)


Developmental Genetics, EvolutionaryProgramming, SRY gene mutations.


The main objective of this project was to investigate the application of evolutionary programming to the study of biological systems, to support the value that this technique can have in the study of genetics. A system based in the Genetic Paradigm was developed, which was used to analyse a case study of developmental genetics, the effects of mutations in the SRY gene (Sex determining Region in the Y chromosome) . The aim was to determine the correlation between the genetic information contained in the DNA and the characteristics of the resulting individual (genotype phenotype correlation). Clinical studies on the SRY gene mutations were analysed and the data used to develop a correlation system. The results obtained show that Evolutionary Programming techniques are promising in the field of biological systems analysis. Even at this early stage it was possible to get some limited prediction mechanisms to relate SRY gene mutations to the effects they have in the phenotype of the individual.

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