Web System for Medical Support using Virtual Reality

C.W.D. de Almeida, R.A. Farias, L.M. Brasil, V.V. Coelho, R. Balaniuk, J.M. Lamas, A.E.M. Almeida, D


Virtual Reality, Image Processing, VRML, Artificial Intelligence, Surgery Simulator.


The main goal of this work is the development of a Virtual Medical Office (VMO), which provides virtual consultations and suggestion for diagnosis that are accomplished by the system itself. Previously registered clinical cases will also be made accessible, in order to provide support to a medical team's decision. The system accepts three levels of users: patient, expert and student. It is known that a creative use of the computer associated to Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as to other technologies like virtual reality, databases, image processing and others, makes it possible to design applications which are interesting and easy to manipulate.

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