The Effects of Menstrual Associated Symptoms on the Task Performance – The Palliation of Menstrual Associated Symptoms using a Warmer

K. Kasamatsu, S. Suzuki, M. Karashima, M. Kumashiro, and S.P. Ninomija (Japan)


Menstrual Cycle, Task Performance, Menstrual DistressQuestionnaire, Menstrual Associated Symptoms


Task performance and a questionnaire survey using the modified MDQ (Menstrual Distress Questionnaire) were examined for phases of the menstrual cycle. The lower abdomen was warmed using a warmer to palliate menstrual associated symptoms. The effect of palliation using this folk remedy on task performance was examined. The experimental task consisted of clicking on randomly displayed targets, which made them disappear. This had to be accomplished within a certain time limit. The task performance, critical flicker frequency and MDQ score were measured as measurement indices. As the results, the precision of task during menstruation was lower than during the follicular phase. There were many complaints regarding menstrual associated symptoms during menstruation. The palliation treatment did not relieve the negative symptoms experienced by the subjects.

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