Experimental Investigation of Spurious Vibrations Damping by Different Backings

F.P. Branca, F. Bini, A. Grandoni, and F. Marinozzi (Italy)


Laser interferometry, backing material, quality assurance.


For the experimental evaluation and characterization of ultrasound imaging transducer the only recommendation is the ASTM-Standard [1]. This conventional setup allows for a limited experimental investigation of cross-coupling and vibration modes. In this paper an optical measurement system using laser interferometry is adopted for the characterization of array transducers that were manufactured with two different backing materials. Particular attention is paid to the effect that constructional variations may have on the performance of the assembled transducer. The paper outlines the usefulness of the optical method during the manufacturing process when a reliable testing procedure is needed for improving the efficiency of the quality tests on ultrasound imaging array transducers.

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