Motion Resistant Earphone Located Infrared based Heart Rate Measurement Device

P. Celka, C. Verjus, R. Vetter, P. Renevey, and V. Neuman (Switzerland)


Heart rate, optical sensors, earphone, artefacts, denoising


We propose a new architecture for an handy and motion resistant estimation of the heart rate. We use one infrared light emitting diode at 875 nm and one photodetector en capsulated in a standard earphone device. Two axis ac celerometers are used for sensing head movements and pro vides signals that are further used for activity classification and optical signals enhancement. Accelerometers have also been encapsulated into the earphone so that the complete system is easy to wear, light and highly reliable due to the artefact compensation algorithm. Good performance of the system in a typical sport activities is shown.

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