Characterization of Yôgi Meditation Stages by EEG

A.V. Cruz, A.C. Pimentel, C.C. Rosa, and A.C. Rosa (Portugal)


EEG, meditation, Yôga, hypnagogic EEG stages.


The main objective of this work is to investigate the correlation between meditation stages and the hypnagogic stages of sleep and awakening. It reports the study on the brain electric activity during Yga Svsthya meditation stages. These data were obtained by means of scalp electroencephalograms (EEGs), and confronted with the stages of meditation and hypnagogic EEG stages. The latter were based on established criteria through the study of the duration of individual occurrences of each of the nine considered hypnagogic EEG stages. Analysis made concerns time, frequency, power and signal amplitude. The results show that meditation stages reach only the first two hypnagogic EEG stages, and the spectral analysis of the EEG confirmed a dominance of rapid rhythms (beta) while the presence of lower ones (delta and theta) are not significant.

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