Simulation Environment for Multiscale and Multiphysics Biological Function Modeling

A. Amano, N. Sarai, S. Matsuoka, T. Matsuda, and A. Noma (Japan)


Computational Bioengineering, Simulation Environment, Physiological Simulation Model, Heart Kinetic Simulation


The biological simulation systems which simulate biolog ical functions of cells and organs are expected to bring new aspects to the biomedical area. As the biological system involves multiple phenomena and has hierarchical struc ture, programming environment for the biological simula tion system should provide such multiphysical and multi scale descriptions. In this paper, we propose a simulation environment for the biological simulation systems which is designed on the object oriented paradigm, and incorpo rates XML based model description format, and also has a parameter optimization system. Example implementation of the myocardiac cell model and the left ventricle are ex plained to show the efficiency of our system.

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