Physiological and Psychological Neural System Modeling for a Key-pressing Test

H. Mahmudi, S.A. Shahdi, and B.V. Vahdat (Iran)


: Neural Modeling, Neural System, Physiological Model, Psychological Model.


The model introduced in this article for neural system describes both physiological and psychological concepts of neural system and is based on the models of individual elements of the system. This model includes psychological characteristics such as; perception, prediction, learning and response planning, and physiological features such as; sensory analysis, memory and motor execution. The model is designed in such a way that it describes the performance of the neural system for a key-pressing test. The key-pressing experiment consists of a screen with numbers from 1 to 9, which is shown to the operator where one of the numbers is specified by a special color and the operator is to push the relevant key. Parameters like delay time and correctness of the response are gathered from the experiment. The results are then analyzed and some features are developed and introduced in the model.

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