Optical Microscopic Tomography with Digital Spatial Light Modulator

R. Chamgoulov, P. Lane, A. Dlugan, and C. MacAulay (Canada)


Medical Imaging, 3-D Reconstruction, Optical Tomography, Microscopy, Digital Spatial Light Modulator


A novel optical computed-tomography transmission microscope employing a digital spatial light modulator in the back pupil plane of the objective is presented. The system consists of a light source, a Digital Micromirror Device in the back pupil plane of an illumination objective, an x-y stage, a detection objective and a CCD detector. The system uses a modification of the convolution backprojection algorithm for reconstruction. The modified algorithm was developed using simulated three dimensional (3-D) synthetic objects, the 3-D Radon transform, and data acquired from a macroscopic system. A microscopic 3-D volume reconstruction of a set of quantitatively absorption stained cells was generated.

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