Ultrasound Image Compression using the 1-D EZW Algorithm Applied to the Ultrasound RF Signals

R. Miri, S.K. Setarehdan, and P.J. Maralani (Iran)


Tele-ultrasound, Compression, EZW, Wavelet Transform, Scan line


In this paper a novel data compression method for ultrasound RF signals is presented. The algorithm can be used in a Tele-ultrasound system, which is a fast growing subject in the field of medical imaging. An important feature of the proposed algorithm is that, instead of compression of the ultrasound video images, the compression algorithm is applied to the stream of the one dimensional ultrasound scan line data. In this work, the new method of the Embedded Zero Tree Wavelet encoding (EZW) is adopted for the compression of the one dimensional scan line data. Experimental results show that the new method provides better compression results compared to the conventional compression methods in terms of the compression ratio and the peak signal to noise ratio. The algorithm is developed in Matlab environment and tested on the real and simulated RF ultrasound signals.

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