Detection and Validation of Lung Field Contours on Chest Radiographs

A.M. Medonça, J.A. da Silva, and A. Campilho (Portugal)


Medical image processing, image analysis, computeraided diagnosis, chest radiographs.


The purpose of the research herein presented is the automatic detection of lung boundaries in posterior anterior digital chest radiographs. The precise location of the two lungs is important in a computer-aided diagnosis system as it allows the reduction of the region under analysis, decreasing the computation time and facilitating data compression. Furthermore, it allows the delimitation of the search area, easing the selective tuning of the abnormalities detection algorithms. The results produced by the automatic method were validated by comparison with manual contours traced by an experienced radiologist. For this particular purpose, two programs with friendly interfaces were developed. The achieved comparison results demonstrate the good performance of the automatic method.

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