Morphology and Epitaxial Growth in a Directed Diffusion Model

Kenneth A. Hawick


Epitaxial growth, morphology, trees, surface growth


The identification and control of morphological variations in surface growth models are important aspects to understand, with applications including electro-deposition and coatings. We develop a surface growth model based on directed-diffusion and controlled by a single parameter -- the Peclet number. We present: a fractal-scaling analysis; structural morphology measurements; and component tree-count and root-count results from extensive simulations. We identify a phase transition in the Peclet number at around 0.75 - 1.0 which appears to be linked to morphological variations. We offer a possible explanation for based on percolation effects and suggest some extensions to the model for studying related surface growth systems. We also present some 3-D renderings of the model internal structures.

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