Rotor Position Detection and Control for Spindle Brushless DC Motors using Dummy Windings

Sahib R. Alwash, Monaf S.N. Al-Din, and Abdulla M. Eial-Awad


Spindle Brushless DC Motor (BLDC), PI Controller, Performance Modelling, Rotor Position Detection


A new solution of rotor position detection and control for spindle brushless DC (BLDC) motors is presented. The method depends on the sensing of the induced voltage in stator winding over a full speed range by using a single turn dummy windings. In this proposed method, the intersection points between each two induced phase voltages of the dummy winding are used to determine the rotor position. Simulations and experimental results have been carried out for the verification of the proposed control scheme. Also self starting method is proposed where a simple PIC16f877 microcontroller integrated with the dummy winding is used for this purpose. Finally, a closed loop control system with a Proportional Integral (PI) controller is proposed for speed control for the BLDC motor and it gave excellent results.

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