Optimal Control for Vehicle Cruise Speed Transfer

Tiago R. Jorge, João M. Lemos, and Miguel Barão


Optimization, Nonlinear Control, Automotive, Cruise Control


The contribution of this paper consists in a procedure to solve the optimal cruise control problem that consists in transferring the car velocity between two specified values, in a fixed interval of time, with minimum fuel-consumption. The solution is obtained by applying a recursive numerical algorithm that provides an approximation to the condition provided by Pontryagin’s Optimum Principle. This solution is compared with the one obtained by using a reduced complexity linear model for the car dynamics that allows an exact (“analytical”) solution of the corresponding optimal control problem. This work has been performed within the framework of activity 2.4.1 – Smart drive control of project SE2A - Nanoelectronics for Safe, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions, ENIAC initiative.

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