Development of a Method of RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Unjoo Lee, Jeehee Yoon, Jongkeun Lee, and Dongwan Hong


RNA-Seq, Next generation sequencing, SNP


This paper proposes a new total analysis system tRNAS to analyze and manage RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) data. The method used in the system tRNAS consists of two modules, RNA-Seq Analysis Core Engine and RNA-Seq Browser. RNA-Seq Analysis Core Engine extracts information such as aligned positions and read qualities from the read aligned data, evaluates expression profiling and SNP/Indel statistics, and stores them in a local RNA-seq database. RNA-Seq browser compares the corresponding results from the local RNA-Seq database and reports the comparison analysis to the user when a query on a specific gene of two or more samples is detected.

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