Non-Linear Modeling and Simulation of High Order Resonant Filter - Inverter System in Transient and Steady States

Mariana Beňová, Branislav Dobrucký, and Michal Pokorný


State-space modelling, periodical non-harmonic function, transient analysis, total harmonic distortion, fourier series


The paper deals with analysis and modelling of the 4th order LCLC filter supplied from single-phase voltage sourced inverter considering non-linearity, transient- and steady states. The main goal of the filter is to provide nearly harmonic output voltage with low value of total harmonic distortion. This is presented by PC simulation analysis and by experimental verification. Transient analysis of the filter are focused on danger situation which can occur during normal work operation as switch-on and switch-off of the load or filter, respectively. Results of simulation experiments, presented in the paper, show that the value of overshoots of the voltages reach can be dangerous for electronic switches used in supplying inverter. Interesting are also the current overshoots caused by non-linearity of the inductor used in power circuit of the filter.

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