Stability of Cassette Pontoon Bridge Unit Subjected by Underwater Shock Wave

Agnieszka Derewońko, Tadeusz Niezgoda, and Grzegorz Sławiński


3-Dimensional Modelling, Stability, Shock Wave


A new idea of a cassette pontoon bridge unit with adjustable load capacity is presented. A single unit of bridge is partially immersed in water. Since the main carrying part of the bridge is an air cushion filled with air, stability of the unit is important as it buoyancy from the point of view of its usefulness. In the paper, initial simulations developed with use of Ls-Dyna software are described. The effect of gas-tight chamber numbers of the air cushion on the stability of the unit bridge is considered. The simulation of the underwater detonation is provided with use of the Finite Element Method (FEM). Displacements of the roadway surface of the cassette pontoon bridge due to an underwater shock wave are determined also.

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