Application Independent User Mode Network Emulator based on Packet Interception from Kernel Mode

KwangSik Shin, Jinhyuk Kim, HangKee Kim, Chang Joon Park, and SangBang Choi


Network Simulation, Network Emulation, Virtual Network, Network Modelling


To develop a new protocol implementation and network systems, many researchers have studied the real-time simulation scheme, network emulation, technology, that enables test and evaluation of real network systems, protocols, and applications by processing real network traffic. In this paper, we propose the application independent user mode network emulation scheme. It operates at the user mode, but since it performs emulation by intercepting the packet from the kernel mode, it performs emulation independently from the TCP/IP protocol as well as the application program. To more realistic emulation, we analyze the relationship between the queuing buffer size and network environment through modeling congestion network node based on the discrete Markov chain. Through the analysis and various experiments, we show that the proposed scheme emulates network attributes of real network environment such as congestion loss and delay as well as bandwidth constraint, propagation delay, and link error.

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