An SES-based Ontology Modeling and Simulation Approach for Distributed Systems Resource Sharing

Moath Jarrah, Lubna Shakhatreh, Halah Barham, and Abeer Batarseh


SES formalism, ontology structure, grid computing, cloud computing, resource sharing


The use of ontologies has been applied to many scientific disciplines to systematically enhance data and resources management. This paper presents a new modeling approach to manage resources in distributed computing environments. Information about distributed nodes is arranged into an ontology that is understandable by different nodes inside the cluster. In designing the ontology, we use System Entity Structure formalism (SES). The distributed environment specifications along with the SES-based ontology generate a Pruned Entity Structure (PES) that describes the grid. Grid simulators can interact with the PES ontology to extract information that is needed for their run. In order to simplify the process of describing a distributed environment, we developed a user friendly interface that allows users to build the distributed environment by providing the computing sites and their specifications. In addition, the users draw the network topology that connects the different sites. The information is mapped into PES automatically. We validate our modeling and simulation methodology using the OptorSim simulator that is developed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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