Urban Power Supply System's Development in Conditions of Uncertain Information

Svetlana Guseva, Nataly Skobeleva, Oleg Borscevskis, and Lubov Petrichenko


Forecasting, geometrical templates, load density, network development, urban substations


In this paper an approach to solving some problem of middle-term development of urban power supply system (UPSS) in conditions of incomplete and uncertain information is are considered. As example the development of Riga city (capital city of Latvia) 110 kV scheme till 2020 is selected. The following steps of problem are considered: forecast of the total load of the Riga city till 2020, determination of future loads of 110/10-20 kV existing and new substations till 2020, choice of optimal power for 110/10-20 kV substations and their location. The graphic method for location of transformer substations with templates and AutoCad program help is offered.

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