Using Simulation in Medical Communications Training

Brian C. Baldwin, William D. Young, Ryan C. Johnson, Sheilagh M.B. O'Hare, Aaron M. Lawyer, John N. Gentle, Aubrey White, and John A. Duncanson


Simulation, Medical Communication Systems


The Simulation Medical Data Server (S-MDS) has been developed to enhance training of U.S. Army medical commanders and staffs in the use of the Army’s Medical Communication for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) systems. This is an area of training previously not addressed by any simulator. The development process began with research of training requirements, the data needed to meet those requirements, and methods to generate that data at a live exercise. It has reached the stage of a functioning prototype capable of providing training either as a standalone simulator, or as a member operating in conjunction with other federated simulators for larger training events. When operating standalone, S-MDS acts as a lightweight simulator, stimulating MC4 systems with realistic training data in the form of casualties and medical events in a theater of operations. When connected with other federated Army logistics and warfighter simulators, S-MDS harvests casualty and medically-relevant logistical data, then enhances and presents it to the MC4 training audience. S-MDS has successfully supported medical training in the context of several tactical exercises, ranging from single classroom, to brigade level, to the world’s largest annual computerized command and control exercise.

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