Synchrophasor based Tuning of Damping Controllers for Interconnected Smart Grids with V2G Systems

Sanchai Dechanupaprittha and Yasunori Mitani


Synchrophasor, controller design, inter-area oscillation, smart grid, plug-in electric vehicle, vehicle to grid


This paper presents an application of synchrophasor based damping controller design to interconnected smart grids with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems. With proper control, V2G system can be exploited as a channel for mitigating effects of inter-area oscillation due to disturbances in interconnected power system. By taking advantage of synchrophasor technique, a simplified oscillation model (SOM) based on the most recent data can be evaluated and referred to as an estimated model for detection and assessment of estimated inter-area modes. Then, an extended SOM is formulated by including dynamics of V2G control system. The designed damping controller can be achieved via a metaheuristic method towards the design specification. Moreover, performance of the designed damping controller can be evaluated during design to avoid any adverse effects. Finally, simulation results reveal the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed design.

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