Expressing the Implicit Instructional Design Language Embedded in an LMS: Motivations and Process

Aymen Abedmouleh, Lahcen Oubahssi, Pierre Laforcade, and Christophe Choquet


Learning Management System, Re-engineering, Human Machine Interface, HMI-centered analysis, Technical-centered analysis, Process


Many difficulties met in the use of the LMS systems lead to express the need of reengineering works or some additional design approaches. In this paper, we propose an LMS-centered instructional design approach. This approach is based on the specific instructional language of LMS systems. It focuses on an original process for the identification and the formalization of the instructional language of LMS systems. This process takes into account two complementary viewpoints: the HMI-centered viewpoint based on the Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) analysis and the technical-centered viewpoint primarily based on the database analysis. We illustrate this process with the example from experimentations conducted on Moodle platform.

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