BADA Internship: Developing Learners' Skills through Problem-based Learning and Agile Methods within a Work Environment

Taciana P. Falcão, Davi H. Neiva, and Eduardo A. Oliveira


Advanced Technology in Education and Training, Institutional Issues on Technology-based Education and Training, Internship in Mobile Software Development, Agile Methods


This paper describes the methodology and achievements of an educational training program in development of mobile applications. Following a Problem-Based learning approach combined with agile techniques of software development oriented to user-experience, this internship immersed the students in a real professional environment, with its real market pressure, where they could put in practice theoretical knowledge and have their productions evaluated by real users. The interns experienced the whole process of developing mobile applications, from systematic idea generation to technical implementation and submission for evaluation by the client. With the help of the support team and the pedagogical structure of the program, the interns were able to overcome many challenges and deliver more applications than expected by the client, many of which received high user ratings and specific recognition.

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