Force Analysis of a Self-Tuning Shock Absorber for Above-Knee Prosthesis

Yen-Chieh Mao, Wei-Chih Chang, and I-Huei Chen


Biomedical modelling, dynamic modelling, prosthesis, shock absorber


Shock absorber designed in the prosthesis is an acceptable solution to reduce the impact force in gaits for an above-knee amputee. A conventional shock absorber consists of a constant-coefficient damper provides a fixed property in different situations, delivering too rigid responses for the biological body during impact loads or extended vibrations during gentle loads. The prior stage of this study proposed a novel shock absorber design for an above-knee prosthesis, capable of automatically and smooth tuning for damping coefficient without any electricity. This paper specifically analyzes the damping force performances for different input forces. Simulation results show a consistent performance of automatic tuning for different loading situations.

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