AC Charging PHEV by Electrical Grid

Panhathai Buasri and Rathakarn Buasri


Electric vehicles, PHEV, Carbon dioxide emissions, Power generation mix


Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is the promising solution for low greenhouse gas emissions in transportation. A main energy storage system, commonly battery pack, located on the vehicle is the only supply for the vehicle to run in all-electric mode. The electricity for recharging the battery pack usually comes from the electrical grid. AC charging voltages at household limit low power to be transferred to the PHEV resulting in long charging time. Various power generation technologies such as gas turbine, nuclear power and solar power can be combined to generate electricity hence various amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are released to the environment. In this paper the electrical energy production for a PHEV by electrical grid per day is presented. CO2 emissions for AC charging considering power generation mix of the United States and Canada are also determined and compared.

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