Detection and Recognition of Power Quality Disturbances using Lifting Wavelet Transform

Edwin S. Jose and Titus S. Sigamony


Harmonic distortion, electric power quality, lifting scheme, wavelet transform, DPT, LWT


This paper presents a method to detect and recognize the power quality disturbances using Lifting Wavelet Transform (LWT). The disturbed signal is decomposed to many frequency sub-bands in frequency domain to identify the disturbing time and level. The aliasing problem presents in the Discrete Wavelet Packet (DPT) can be mitigated using LWT. The LWT paves a way to reconstruct the signal with perfection and elimination of time invariance lag by up-sampling the filter coefficients as well. A critical evaluation of the LWT and the DPT for standard power quality disturbances are provided using MATLAB. The results prove the triumph of the LWT.

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