Low Complexity Generalized Punctured Convolutional Codes for OFDM-CDMA based Mobile Radio Communications

Kishana R. Kashwan and Amsavalli Arumugam


Mobile Radio, GPCC, Bit Error Rate, OFDM, DS-CDMA, Trellis Complexity


In this paper, a novel method of Generalized Punctured Convolutional Codes (GPCC) is investigated for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Direct Sequence CDMA based future mobile radio and wireless communications. The GPCCs show better performance due to the fact that they have reduced trellis complexity. The trellis complexity is directly proportional to the decoding complexity. A minimal and flexible GPCC trellis module is developed for the mobile radio communications. It is based on the trade off between trellis complexity and performance requirements by mobile radio applications. We have computed some of the low complexities of GPCC. OFDM based CDMA has inherent property to combat Inter Symbol Interference (ISI). We have used GPCC for OFDM-CDMA and subsequently examined the performance of the system in terms of bit error rate. Our results show an improvement in the performance of radio communication. The performance improvement is observed ranging from a little over 1% to 10% or more depending upon the code rate selected. At the end we also analyse the flexible rate selection for GPCC so that the better channel utilization and efficiency can be achieved. The flexible rate is particularly suitable for varying channel conditions.

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