Modeling of Eco-House Hybrid Energy System

Abdullah H. Al-Badi, Hassan Yousef, Mohammed Al-Ghailani, Hamdan Al Jafari, and Ali Al Maskari


Hybrid energy system, Eco-house, Fuel cell, PV, Wind turbine, Batteries


In this paper, an electrical energy system comprising three energy sources, namely PV, fuel cells, and batteries is proposed to provide the power requirement for an Eco-House. A systematic system sizing was used to determine the minimum capacity of the system components to assure reliable electricity supply to the Eco-House. Actual load data for a typical Omani house with similar size as the eco-house was considered as the stand-alone load with an average energy consumption of 41 kWh/day and 4.7 kW peak power demand. Dynamic modeling and simulation for each renewable energy sources was done by MATLAB. Transient responses of the system for a step change in electrical load is presented.

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