Common Gateway for Green Banking Solutions

Kuganathan K. Visavanathamuthaliyar and Gihan N. Wikramanayake


Environment, Green Banking, Green IT, Channels, IT Services


National Economy and Development growth have left no choice but to seriously think of measures to contain Global Warming and other Green Environmental related issues. Global environmental issues have gained greater attention and the pressure is being placed on all industries, including financial services, to implement “green” initiatives. Green banking products and services are not yet the key reasons for most customers to select one financial institution over another. However, customer demands and environmental awareness are driving a number of financial institutions to go green. Over the past few years technology based platforms have successfully removed a great deal of paper from the cash management process. Opportunities continue to exist for the cash management industry to operate more efficiently and with fewer paper exchanges. Green IT banking is a win-win situation for all participants. Chanel Common Gateway using ISO [International Standard Organisations] standard model showing how banking services can be changed into greener banking. Integrating all alternative channels into single common standard platform in ISO standard message format will give greater convenience to customers. In this paper, we present our Common Gateway model in banking services to link customers, suppliers, manufacturers, organizations, Card Merchants and Government Services with Bank, while helping the environment and implementing a green IT solution.

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