Evaluation of Three Mattress Designs for Capacitive ECG Measurement from Conductive Textiles on Bed

HongJi Lee, SeungMin Lee, and KwangSuk Park


Capacitive ECG Measurement, Conductive Textile, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Maximum Possible Thickness


In this paper, we developed three designs depending on the shape of electrode array for unconstrained electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement and tested the systems in practical and numerical terms. Conductive textiles and polyurethane form were used to make electrodes for comfortable ECG measurement. A total of three experiments were conducted to compare each design with a conventional ECG system by error rates of heart rate variability parameters, and to test the effects of capacitive ECG measurement depending on the thickness of cotton cloth inserted between a subject and textile electrodes, in cases of textiles with laminating or without laminating process. The overall results showed that the general type of horizontal array had the best performance in numerical side even though other designs were modified for reflection of heart axis or better contact in practical aspect. The maximum possible thickness for ECG measurement was about 2 mm on conductive textile and about 1.5 mm on the textile laminated by non-conductive material. Therefore, in terms of durability, the system is possible to apply enough in real life and we can use this system for algorithm of arrhythmias detection, OSA detection and sleep stages.

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