Finite Element Modeling of Human Clavicle under Dynamic Loading

Razvan Rusovici, Megan Pendergast, Jeffrey T. O'Brien, and Isabel Ghita


Finite Element, Viscoelasticity, Clavicle, Fracture


Clavicle fractures are common injuries that may from dynamic events such as falls or blunt-body trauma. Methods of repair may be non-operative, or surgical. Surgical repair is accomplished via fixation plates or intramedullary rods. The research investigated the use, and prediction accuracy, of advanced material models within a finite element framework to predict dynamic stresses and strains within the clavicle body which would be subjected to a dynamic load. The material models used were considered to be viscoelastic and orthotropic. The proposed finite element models were successfully verified against experimental results available in literature. The models were then used to predict the time-varying stresses and strains within the clavicle as a result of arbitrarily-chosen, short-impact dynamic loading. A comparison of predictions, corresponding to each material model, was performed.

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