Numerical Simulations of a Mathematical Model for Co-Infection of Malaria and HIV/AIDS

Carla M.A. Pinto


mathematical models, malaria, HIV/AIDS, co-infection, epidemiology


We study a new model for co-infection of malaria and HIV/AIDS. It is a simplified version of the mathematical model proposed by Chiyaka et al in [9] for malaria transmission, where the HIV transmission dynamics is included. Numerical simulations of the model show that increasing the rate at which susceptible humans are infected with HIV translates in an increase of infectious with malaria and with HIV/AIDS humans, of infectious humans with HIV, and of infectious mosquitoes. Additionally, decreasing the susceptibility to acquire AIDS of the HIV infected individuals dually-infected with malaria, comparatively to those infected with HIV only, results in a decrease of the infectious with malaria and HIV/AIDS, and of infectious with only HIV humans, and of infectious mosquitoes. These results suggest that the proposed model is mathematically and epidemiologically well-posed.

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