Transparency, Openness and Knowledge Sharing for Rebuilding and Strengthening Government Institutions

Nunzio Casalino, Filomena Buonocore, Cecilia Rossignoli, and Francesca Ricciardi


Open government, Transparency, Public administrations, Knowledge sharing, Openness


The developing of the Open Government Model is allowing an organizational revolution for public administrations, providing to citizens and entrepreneurs a better access to information and public services. It also can allow the increasing of transparency in public agencies and citizen participation, indirectly enhancing collaboration and facilitating democratic processes. Transparency and open data can be powerful tools to stimulate and support public services’ improvements, faster innovation and empower citizens’ rights. So actually many governmental organizations are reviewing and rearranging their processes, information and data to improve policies, enhance legitimacy and openness toward outside parties and citizens. An “open” public knowledge may contribute to establish a collaboration and participation culture among the main stakeholders. In this paper authors focus on a new organizational model to deliver transparent services and to improve an effective collaboration between the public administrations. The research methodology adopted is based on a theoretical-deductive approach. The study describes general principles to come, through the case strategy, to the empirical analysis of an innovative national government portal called “Transparency Compass Portal”. It tries also to identify the distinctive aspects of some administrative services offered by several public organizations.

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