Control Strategy for Current Controlled Generator Side Converter based Power Factor Conditioner for Variable Speed WECS

Raghuram L. Naik and Suresh H. Jangamshetti


Current Control, Wind Energy Conversion System, Maximum Power Tracker


A current controlled generator side converter for permanent magnet synchronous generator based variable speed wind turbine connected to load is presented in this paper. Research focus is on development of generator side controller with maximum power point tracking so as to extract maximum power from wind turbine generator at unity power factor. A symmetrical optimum approach is proposed in designing gains of PI regulator for the generator side controller. Constant switching frequency current control technique is employed to generate switching pulses for the converter, which minimizes current ripples and ease in designing of input filters to eliminate harmonics. Mathematical models of wind turbine, permanent magnet synchronous generator, generator side converter are developed and integrated to obtain simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK. It is observed from results that, proposed control scheme is robust, precise and satisfies IEEESTD519-1992 and IEEESTD1547 power quality bench mark during power conversion.

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