Validation and Application of a Reliability Allocation Technique (Advanced Integrated Factors Method) to an Industrial System

Domenico Falcone, Fabio De Felice, GianPaolo Di Bona, Vincenzo Duraccio, Antonio Forcina, and Alessandro Silvestri


Reliability, Allocation, Redundancy, Redesign


The proposed work analyses and applies a new reliability and redundancy allocation procedure. Starting from a similar methodology previously developed by the authors, Integrated Factors Method (IFM), a new reliability allocation and optimization method is developed: Advanced Integrated Factors Method (AIFM). The new technique has been proposed to analyze complex systems in the pre-design phase, even if its general characteristics allow extending the method to different design and production phases. The previous method has been improved through the introduction of new indexes that help improve underperforming components in order to achieve the allocated reliability values. The method introduces a big number of factors, so it can be applied to a wide range of systems. It is characterized by a very simple mathematical formulation, that can be made more complicated for a more detailed analysis.

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