Towards Automated Application Software Documentation Generation based on the Eclipse Application Model

Marco Descher and Thomas Feilhauer


Software Design and Development, Software Design Tools, Authoring Tool, Application Documentation


Automated generation of application documentation targeted to the end user is sparsely investigated. This is partly due to the fact that, up to now, no application model existed, providing the required comprehensive information about the application. The new generation of Eclipse based Rich Client Platform applications is developed on the basis of an application model, which for the first time closes this gap. Due to this advance we investigate on the possibilities and limitations on employing the application model for automated documentation generation. This paper outlines the current position on this topic, the research questions arising and both the scientific and technical approach to tackle this question. This research is specific to the Eclipse platform only, as other technologies currently do not employ the required comprehensive application model. The Eclipse application model, however, can also be used for non-Eclipse based applications, such that the results found are transitively applicable to other solutions.

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