Experiences in Integrating Social Listening with the QAW

Heeran Youn, Seungho Nam, Eugene Kim, Jiyeon Lee, Heekyeong Bae, Sunmyung Lee, and Dongjin Lee


Quality Attribute, Quality Attribute Workshop, QAW, Social Listening, Social Network Service, SNS, twitter


This paper proposes a novel method to graft “social listening” technique to Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW). QAW is a team facilitation meeting among stakeholders, which was introduced by Software Engineering Institute (SEI). It helps them communicate each other, thereby exposing interactions of quality attributes, and finding new quality attributes which development team may not have surfaced or considered before. Therefore, having all stakeholders in the meeting is very critical in order to cover their quality attribute concerns. In practices, however, inviting real end users to QAW is almost impossible during development phase, even though they are the most important stakeholders whom development them should consider. So we suggest “social listening”, which elicits end users’ voices or thoughts about a product from SNS, such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to compensate end user’s absence in QAW.

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